May 4, 2014

Team Cul de Sac

Team Cul de Sac

Hi, Chris Sparks here,

Some TCDS team members got together this week at Richard Thompson’s house. We were joined by two particular TCDS members, Bill Watterson of Calvin and Hobbes, and Stephan Pastis, the creator of Pearls before Swine. Stephan was the first to commit to TCDS and brought early attention to the project. Then, as most of you remember, Bill did a painting of Petey for Team Cul de Sac. It was Bill’s first public art in 16 years. The publicity surrounding his donation put our project on the cartooning map and helped us raise nearly $125k for the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Bill has become our most vocal supporter in the quietest way possible. He delivers the goods. Well, he did it again this week. For the first time since December of 1995, Bill’s art appeared in newspapers. He contacted and then teamed up with Stephan Pastis, and they produced three strips for Team Cul de Sac to auction off to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation. You can read the blog post from Stephan, and there is more from both cartoonists at Comic Riffs.

Bill sent me an email a few months ago telling me he had a TCDS secret, and then a few weeks ago he told me the news about the new strips. He’d wanted to wait until we were visiting Richard to see my head explode in person over the news but knew I needed my head to prepare for the auction. I had the great privilege of having breakfast with Bill on June 4th and handing him the morning paper. I watched him read his first newspaper work in 19 years. I don’t think he’d mind me saying he was grinning from ear to ear. I know I was. And I am sure that was better than seeing my head explode.

A huge thank you to Bill for all of the support and love you have given Team Cul de Sac. Richard and I can never thank you enough. You are a good friend. And a huge thank you to Stephan for supporting us from the beginning and for agreeing to do this.

To date we have raised over $225.000 for the Michael J Fox Foundation. If you would like to donate to TCDS directly through the MJFF click here!