December 27, 2010

Working With Us

So, what’s it like to to be working with us at Sparking Design?


It starts with a consultation. There is no cost or obligation when you talk to us about your project. Come by our office in the heart of downtown Asheville or we can also meet you at a location more convenient for you. We’ll fill out a project planner and questionnaire before or during our conversation to get started.


We’ll do some brainstorming after the consultation and provide you with a written proposal. It will outline the components of the project and have solutions/suggestions for the things we talked about. It will also include price, timeline, and will have our contract’s terms and conditions attached. We will modify this document until you feel it’s right.

Design Phase

When you sign off on the proposal and agree to the terms and conditions, we’ll start working on “the look”. We’ll submit 3-5 designs to choose from, depending on the project, and based on our prior discussions. Again, we will work on these until you’re satisfied.


So, you’ve chosen the design and we’ve modified it until you’re ecstatic. Now, we’ll get it printed, code it, etc, until the project’s completed.